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Face Yoga, Self Massage or Facial Exercises Can Prevent Wrinkles from Forming

Start facial exercises early enough and you’ll never have a line!

Start facial exercises early enough and you’ll never have a line.

Here is the photo. Nonie started facial exercising in her early twenties. She’s now in her mid-forties. Notice how she can certainly wrinkle up her brow and when relaxed there’s not a line to be seen.

Wrinkles can be like scars

First off, according to Frederick Rossiter, M.D [1], a long-time wrinkle can become like a “scar”.

Here is an excerpt from his book:

“When wrinkles are stubbornly set after many years, these wrinkles seem almost “rooted” in the skin and cannot be entirely erased. Such wrinkles characterize a definite microscopic change in the tissues under them. Elastic fibers are absorbed, tiny skin muscles are absorbed, fat is absorbed at that point and so the wrinkle actually is a scar in the skin. CFFitness™ offers a 4 step Wrinkle Release routine that allows you to literally rub out the wrinkles in the face and neck. And, over time one can greatly reduce the size, shape and depth of a deep wrinkle!"

Wrinkles can be prevented from ever forming with Face yoga, Self massage or Facial exercises

However, it should be noted that once you start with facial exercises, you can also stop any new lines, wrinkles and “scars” from ever forming.

Just to note: A wrinkle is formed by the skin adhering to the underlying tissue. This happens when one “makes” an unconscious movement or gesture over and over again, as “squinting” in the sun can create crow’s feet.

With proper technique, using facial exercises, the skin never has a chance to stick-down to form that valley that eventually becomes a scar in the first place.

I have been doing Facial Exercises since 2008, when at that time, I gave my first Workshop to my friend. Since then, I have learned different Technics and offer Skype workshops (as well as Face Yoga classes at Roxy Centre Studio), so you can now learn these facial exercises in the privacy of your own home. Over the years, I have seen just how well facial exercises work on all people from all walks of life and lifestyles. From the very young to the very “mature”. My youngest client is 10 years old … and my oldest client is 96. I have seen wrinkles forming in so many different stages!


While once a set-wrinkle is formed and has been living on our faces for quite some time, it can become and behave as a scar. However, once you start with facial exercises, you can smooth out and diminish these “rooted” wrinkles. Furthermore, if you start facial exercises before any deep wrinkles have formed, you can prevent most wrinkles from ever coming into your face or neck!

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