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Everyone’s body and face are naturally asymmetrical. No one is born with a perfectly symmetrical face!

Yet, facial asymmetry is one of our most asked about questions and sought after solutions to regaining confidence.

We believe EVERY face is beautiful, symmetrical or not, but if facial symmetry is a goal of yours, you need to read this!

Face Yoga is a natural solution to help you obtain a symmetrical face, but it’s also important to note that facial asymmetry can be prevented!

But in addition to preventing facial asymmetry, what if you could…

-Make your mouth area symmetrical

-Lift up cheeks

-Lift the corners of the mouth

-Tone the neck area

-Prevent/decrease “smoker lines” on upper lip

-Reduce/even out nasolabial folds

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Your face and your body are connected! In order to get the maximum benefit from Face Yoga and facial symmetry, you need to work on your posture.Good Posture is a key! 

As we age, rounded shoulders and a rounded spine may naturally start to occur, but some of our posture habits are naturally induced by our lifestyle. For example, always wearing a shoulder bag on the same side, or always crossing your legs the same way, tilting your head as you talk on the phone, or brushing your teeth with the same hand, etc.

When our posture gets off center, our face will also get off center. To look more symmetrical, you need to use your body and your face equally. Staying aware of your posture can help cultivate good habits that will also help obtain facial symmetry, as well as prevent asymmetry from happening in the first place.

To centre your body start using small (5-7 cm diameter) foam roller or rolled towel under your back every night. To learn how to do it clck here.



BENEFITS of Miracle fome roller. 

Just to remind you how important the small foam roller is for our back, neck, shoulders and the posture. 

Good posture = younger looking face! Remember it and use the roller every day or night. 

The miracle roller is famouse for he following miracles, based on people's feedback who use it regularly: 

 • Improvement in the spine flexibility

Relief from chronic ancient back problem 

Increase in height   

Posture straightening  

Improved vision  

Reduction of headaches  

Fixing the round chest  

Narrowing the waist  

Menstrual Pain Relief on those critical days of the month 

Relief from pain during the sex  

Relief of pain after epidural anaesthesia  

Relief of pain in pinching the sciatic nerve (and other similar problems)  

Relief from pain in case of damage to the sacrum    

Helps with haemorrhoids  

Eliminates problems with diastasis (not large muscle discrepancies)  

Relief of constipation  

Eliminate snoring  

Reducing or even eliminating protruding bones in the feet( big toe) 


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