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    FACE YOGA Academy by Elena


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    What is The Face Yoga?


    FACE YOGA is a 100% natural alternative to Botox and plastic surgery.

    It is a unique technique that concentrates on facial movements and expressions and teaches you how to exercise your facial muscles in order to achieve a firmer and more sculpted face line. The end result is younger, brighter and healthier complexion.

    Why do we need to do FACE YOGA?

    Because with regular facial expressions we actively use only 20% of facial muscles. Chewing, smiling, frowning - that sort of things. What's happening with others ? They are sleeping and require toning. We're receiving gravity every day, all the time. The idea of Face Yoga is to keep muscles active and the face youthful and to wake up those sleeping muscles to counteract ageing process.

    In Face Yoga class you'll learn how to train and stretch facial muscles - the key to elasticity. And by knowing how to use your facial muscles correctly, you will be in control of your own face and can prevent or reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


    Facial Fitness, based on muscle resistance training, is a genuine way to look younger! It's a complete facial rejuvenation program - total workout and a non-surgical face lift that’s targeting all 57 muscles of the face and neck. It works by increasing muscle fibers through facial exercises and muscle resistance technique. The pure principle behind all muscle-building exercises. Your cheeks lift up and fill out, your face become firmer and fitter. The double chin can disappear and even the neck exercises will build your muscles and create lift and firmness around the entire jaw line, as well! It's a complete facial skin care treatment! And it's all natural!




    • Activates and tone facial muscles

    • Helps to achieve younger, clearer and more radiant complexion

    • Increases blood circulation and oxygen flow to the skin

    The end result will uncover a youthful Glow and Tautness to your skin that you may not have seen in years.


    Price list

    • Group workshops POA


    • Online one-to-one private Skype or Zoom classes (have your email ready to send invitation).

    $90 - 60min

    $50 - 30 min

    $230 - 5 x 30min classes

    $165 - 2 x 60min classes (save $15)

    $245 - 3 х 60min classes (save $25)


    • In-person one-to-one private lesson

    $100 x 60 min

    $55 - 30 min

    $250 - 5 x 30min classes

    $185 - 2 x 60 min classes

    $275 - 3 x 60 min classes



    Learn in a private class (one -on-one session), so Elena can analyze your face thoroughly and justify

    • Room for improvement
    • Your facial expression habits
    • Your face posture, etc

    and provide specific advice, exercises and tips only for you! + You will receive a personalized mini video to summarize the exercises only, so you can repeat it at home.


    • Corporate group sessions of Face Yoga $350 up to 25 participants (3/4 hour)


    •Hen's Party

    *Birthday Party

    *Bridal Party

    *Fab after 50 party

    from $150 (60 min)


    Contact us for Themed Workshops.

    Other options:

    •Office Lunch and Learns

    •Staff Appreciation Events

    •Group Classes, etc...


    Chose the area of you concern from the Essential routines below:


    - 7 Habits that age you

    - All over Toning session

    - Forehead area

    - Cheek area

    - Eye area

    - Mouth area

    - Lip Area

    - Nasolabial folds

    - Neck and jawline

    - Lower Face routine

    - Car routine

    - Morning and night routine

    - Face Yoga in a hurry

    - Face Lift in a hurry


    Specialized Courses:


    - Symmetrical Eyes (Fixing Eye asymmetry)

    - Symmetrical Mouth (Fixing Mouth asymmetry)

    - Gummy Smile (Create a beautiful and confident smile)

    - Droopy eyelids (Get more open eyes and brighter look with uplifted eyelids)

    - Stress reduction (Relax your Face, body and mind with acupressure points push)


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    TIMETABLE, Adelaide

    Classes 60 minutes

    Timetable and locations are subject to change

    Current Location:

    Axis Hair and Beauty, 177 Glen Osmond RD, Frewville (behind the Foodland from the right side)


    Wednesdays 6:30 or 8 pm


    Small groups.

    Ph: 0424855775 or Book via email, FB, Instagram


    Email to faceyoga@alphashapestudio.com

    Go to shop section for more details.


    In-person, Online (Skype, Zoom) FY or Rejuvenating Gymnastics group classes:


    $22 - casual

    $170 - pass of 10 classes


    Classes vary and can include;

    - Consultation
    -Mirror test
    -Take before photos

    -Room for improvement

    Work on:
    - Bad face or Body posture

    - Bad facial expression habits
    - Learn about Tongue Posture (7 tips to correct Face Posture and the right tongue position)


    - Chest and upper body stretching techniques

    - Upper Back Hump correction exercises

    - Self-Massage of Décolletage and Neck area
    - Head/Scalp and Ears massage

    - Face Toning (tapping)


    Essential exercises for all areas

    Lower Face:
    - Neck and Jaw line area
    - Lift corners of the Mouth and define your jaw line


    Middle Face:

    - Get rid of Nasolabial folds
    - Lift and Tone Cheek area


    Upper Face:
    - Erase dark circles and bags under the Eyes

    - Forehead area (smoothen furrow and horizontal lines)

    Take after photos to compare


    Choose the area you would like to work on and Contact us to schedule your session.




    • Create a group class in the comfort of your own home.  
    • Minimum 4, maximum 12.  
    • $25/person for a one-hour class, $37/person for a 90-minute class.


    Want to look fabulous? Join our classes and start new journey for younger you today!

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    Bookings essential.

    Call Elena on 0424855775 or book online.

    Meet Elena, a certified FACE YOGA Method instructor

    My name is Elena and I'm a Certified Face Yoga instructor, qualified Beauty Therapist and trained Lift&Sculpt Face massage specialist.
    I'm very excited to share my passion to Natural Rejuvenation with you.
    As a busy woman with business, family and friends, like many of us, I don't have a lot of time for myself.
    So what do I do, to keep myself on the toes, looking and feeling beautiful? The secret is a Face Yoga and Facial and body exercises that I do every day. Believe me, you can feel good and look fabulous without spending heaps of time and money on your appearance.
    My passion to FACE exercising began 12 years ago, when I started practicing these funny faces to tone facial muscles and help myself to improve asymmetry in the face that happened at age of 39 (left side dropped from the stress).
    The result didn't take long and I loved what I saw in the mirror. I was fascinated and wanted to learn more... this is when my research and surfing of internet took place.
    Few years later when Face Yoga Method Teachers Certification cross my life, I didn’t hesitate and decided to take on the course. Because I knew that I wanted to help and share my love, knowledge and passion for FACIAL REJUVENATION to many others.. FACE YOGA is not only the tool, I'll be sharing with you, but also Face Self - Massage, Anti-Puffiness and Energy Regaining Techniques, as we loose it all when grow older, and not only women. Yes! The men as well and even kids, because in the world of digital technology we spend too much time on gadgets and don’t speak enough with the voice - that means our facial muscles with time go asleep if not drop from gravity and ageing....


    Below are my Before and After photos.
    The first one with my daughter Liza was taken in Sochi, Russia in 2002, when she was 5 and I was 32.
    This year 2018 she is going to be 21. You can do the math :)

    Sochi, Russia, July 2002

    Los Angeles, California, June 2018

    If you have a question or would like to schedule the class or private lesson, please contact us via email of fill in the "Contact Us" form with your enquiry.