Face Gym (online classes)

Face Gym (online classes)

45.00 - 89.00
Unlock these Rejuvenating Self-Care Routines by attending online classes.
Monthly pass (4-5 classes) or 10 online classes pass.
Everybody deserves the compliment and beautiful skin!
Plastic surgery is an easy solution, but it's not for everyone.

We are offering an amazing Face Gym toning classes to maintain your beauty, naturally.
Imagine if you could get smoother, tighter, brighter, lifted skin and regain your confidence in just TWO WEEKS?!

Here's what you get if you say yes today

Weekly LIVE Face Yoga Classes with Elena (online Monday evening class )
Must-have tips, tricks, and techniques to boost your Practice
A monthly LIVE Q&A SESSION, where we dive DEEP into a particular area of your choice.

YES, I want live FY classes!
Coming soon
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It's time to believe in yourself.
It's time to see and feel changes.
It's time to take the power back into your own hands.
It's time to love your face, body, and most importantly — your beautiful self.
Because you worth it!

This opportunity is not for everyone, but for YOU who are determent, disciplined and have the goal to LOOK AND FEEL FANTASTIC in New 2022!
Who wants stay younger longer and have a plump and beautiful skin!

PLUS, you can ask me your burning questions and let me be your personal Face Yoga Coach.



After you complete the purchase please go to Instagram and send request to follow the Rejuvenating Gymnastics page https://instagram.com/rejuvenating_gymnastics_?utm_medium=copy_link

Classes started  3rd of January 2022 at 8 pm Adelaide time. DM to find out what day of the week it is on as we are changing it from time to time to fill people needs.

We have 4-5 Tuesdays each month, so it's win win for everybody and a good start to build beauty foundation for your skin and develop a good habits to exercise your face!!

Happy Face Gym my friend for younger and beautiful you.


Before the class:

1. Prepare your face for Rejuvenating Gymnastic: clean make up off and wash with cleanser. 

2. Apply drop of oil (one-two) diluted with mist or water all over your face, neck and decolletage.

If it's too oily - wipe with tissue, because we will be working with muscles, not just the skin. Any questions, let me know on 0424 855 775.

See you then.






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