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    We stock and sell a range of La clinica Organic skincare products.


    Please contact us for consultations and more detailed information.

    Our Workshop and Skype lessons

    Contact us for innovative Self-Rejuvenating Workshops, Facial Massages and Skype lessons. Please check out more detailed information from following pages.

    Fun Face Yoga For Everyone! Men and Women! No Equipment Required!

    Helps release facial tension, neck and eye strain!
    Relax those stress levels and do something for the overall well-being!
    Easily perform face yoga using nothing more than our fingers to create light resistance!
    Face yoga helps us look and feel better as a result may mean we also notice ourselves feeling calmer and happier!

  • Welcome to AlphaShape Face and Body Studio

    Is a luxurious and modern day beauty studio for those who have a love of pampering and self - rejuvenation.. Allow our beauty experts to take you

    on a journey of blissful indulgence with an array of our products and services. Come and enjoy the AlphaShape's experience.

    I'm Elena - the founder and a beauty therapist at AlphaShape Face and Body Studio.


    AlphaShape' is a young, vibrant organization, dedicated to promoting and enhancing medical cosmetic treatments, relaxation and beauty with real results.

    We are an Adelaide based clinic & medispa, that provides the latest and most advanced machinery and medical skincare, to assist in getting fast and noticeable results for all of our clients.

    Here at AlphaShape, we specialise in anti aging, skin tightening, face and body treatments.


    We share the same passion and enthusiasm towards providing our clients with best service and treatments available. It is our main objective to match the correct procedure with the correct patient and deliver a high standard of care to make AlphaShape' a happy experience and not one to be feared of.

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