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    Autumn Celebration skin treatments!

    March - April - May - 2019

    Oscar Glow Facial!

    Try this fabulous facial before your next Autumn occasion, or spoil your mum for Mother's Day, by getting her a Gift 🎁 voucher.

    Ready to achieve Oscar Glow ?

    Step 1. Prep the skin with gentle cleansing, no harsh exfoliants

    Step 2. Apply Enzyme Peel for 10 mins to soften and tighten the skin

    Step 3. Rinse your skin with ice water (its not that bad!) and for those of you who have the Freeze Tools, massage your face to smooth and depuff.

    Step 4. The Concentrate always delivers to help soothe skin and signs of inflammation. I warm it up in my hand, apply it, and then follow with ultrasound Therapy or Microcurrents.

    Step 5. Dermaroll your skin and apply hydrating sheet mask, following with LED light to brighten skin up even more.

    Step 6. Apply 4 drops of Beauty Oil and massage it into your skin with tapping across your face.

    If you're not sure what I'm talking about, come and try this fab facial in the studio, for refreshing and hydrating boost to your skin.

    45min $70
    60min $90


    Maintain your body the way you love it!


    Either you like to improve skin texture and promote collagen production of stretch marks area, loose centimetres around the waist or love handles or get rid of unwanted cellulite, we have a special deal for you this Autumn !

    Normally $150- $180 per session per area we offer you a great price this season.

    Try it for $90 (1 session)

    2 sessions - $170

    Pack of 4 - $320

    Pack of 6 - $450

    Fabulous facials this season.

    Exfoliate dry and rough skin, unclog the pores.
    3 steps:
    -Active serum / soothing cream application
    LED light mask $20
    LED light therapy Omnilax $30

    Exfoliate + Tighten double chin and jawline
    Smooth fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and forehead.
    This treatment promotes collagen production through heating the dermal layer after gentle exfoliation. Ultrasound vibration has the power to push nutrient-rich serums deeper into the skin. It accelerates active ingredient in products, speed up skin's cellular renewal and repair, increases blood circulation, encourages lymphatic drainage in the skin, combats puffiness and swelling.
    LED light mask $20
    LED light therapy Omnilax $30
    20 min Lifting Face Massage $30

    Plus The follow up MICRODERMABRASION $170
    Radio Frequency + Express Dermapen
    Combination of Radio Frequency and Dermapen skin tightening treatments stimulates natural skin regeneration and production of collagen & elastin fibres, resulting in a numerous skin benefits.
    If you suffer from acne scars, sun damaged or ageing skin, fine lines and wrinkles, you should definitely consider this revolutionary treatment:
    -Effective repair for acne scars
    -Greatly improves appearance of damaged and ageing skin
    -Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
    LED light mask $20
    LED light therapy Omnilax $30

    We believe that everyone deserves great skin. We believe in being the best version of yourself. We believe that Anti-Ageing and Self-Rejuvenation is your journey to great skin. Contact us today to discuss your skin needs.
    Ph 0424855775
    Whatever your plans for Mother's Day, make it a special one with AlphaShape.

    Sculptural and Lifting FACE Massage

    Throughout our lives, forces can conspire against us to result in ageing skin. Whilst there is little we can do to halt the hands of time, there is plenty we can do to limit the damage to our skin.

    This Mother’s Day we can help mum to outsmart the clock and discover a radiant complexion at any age.

    We can spoil mum (or indeed ourselves) with these relaxing and rejuvenating facials to kick-start cellular processes to rejuvenate the skin from within, and make her/us feel and look the best we can.

    Delightful result from today. Before and After photos of beautiful client Sue after Radio Frequency + Lifting and Sculptural Face Massage. You can see the lines on the forehead are disappeared, smother frown lines (between eyebrows and on the upper nose). Uplifted eye area and eye bags have gone. Fresher and brighter looking skin and younger and healthier an overall appearance.

    Book your treatment or learn self-massage techniques in a private lesson with Elena.
    Call us on 0424855755 and we will be delighted to assist you.

    -double cleansing
    -sculptural FACE massage (deep tissue massage to tone the muscles and firm and skin)
    -buccal (inside the oral cavity to uplift cheek bones, take stiffness and tension away and relax the jaws)
    -soothing mask with active ingredients
    -application of serum-skin booster and cream
    65 min $99

    -double cleansing
    -microdermabrasion to take dead skin cells away
    -calming and hydrating mask with ultrasonic infusion of its active ingredients
    -sculptural and lifting face massage to uplift the cheeks, define jawline and create a firmer and more sculpted face line
    -application of serum and cream
    70 min $105

    -double cleansing
    -radio frequency or perfectio plus to heat underlying tissue and trigger the collagen production
    -sculptural and lifting face massage to uplift the cheeks, define jawline and create a firmer and more sculpted face line
    -soothing and hydrating honey or coconut mask
    -application of serum and cream
    75 min $110

    Powerful Pamper PACKAGES

    Get FREE LED light & Collagen Induction Therapy by Dermaroller when you


    Microderm + RF half Face + Sculptural FACE Massage for ONLY $139


    Get FREE Collagen Induction Therapy with Dermaroller when you


    Microdermabrasion + RF Skin Tightening (lower or upper FACE) just for $99


    Ph: 0424855775 today.

    Book a private FACE YOGA lesson with Elena and learn new tips and tricks of Natural Self-Rejuvenation.
    By learning how to use, relax and wake up your facial muscles you will be in control of your own face. This is the best thing you can do for yourself when you grow older.
    Facial exercises will help you not only smooth the fine lines and wrinkles, but get more defined jawline, prevent or reduce double chin and tighten and firm the skin.
    When muscles get toned, they take the skin with it, and as a reward you'll develop a youthful appearance and a glowing complexion.
    FACE YOGA will set you up well on the way for younger you. Change Your Face and Change your life with great tool of Natural Rejuvenation and Fabulous Anti-Ageing technique.

    Enquire for Group session:
    Bridal Parties
    Hen's nights
    Birthday Party
    Corporate events
    Any occasion you can think of
    All welcome!
    Face yoga is a great wellbeing method. It can increase person's confidence, uplift the mood and spirit, make you feel happier, obtain more symmetrical FACE, wider and brighter eyes. And all of these, while having fun and making funny faces.

    Send your inquiry to Elena via email on faceyoga@alphashapestudio.com
    Shop at Face Yoga Academy.

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