Face Rejuvenating Classes for all ages and skin types. Group classes in Adelaide

Face Rejuvenating Classes for all ages and skin types. Group classes in Adelaide

A$19.00 - A$99.00
- Combination of Perfect Posture and Facial exercises, Face Yoga poses, Self massage techniques.
- Repeat with Elena and learn on the spot.
- For all age groups, skin and ageing types.
- Compatible with facials and your skin care routine.
- Can be done after surgeries and fillers or relaxing injections.

Regular rejuvenating gymnastics will help you:
- Tone facial muscles
- Improve Skin Tone
- Tighten the skin
- Say Goodbye to puffiness & under eye bags
- Meet your perfect jawline
- Stop clinching your teeth
- Smooth nasolabial folds & frown lines
- Build your perfect face.

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The classes are for all ages and all skin types (from 20 till 90 y.o). 

What to expect?  Various simple and effective exercises to tone your face, neck, define the jawline. The exercises will help you to slow down ageing process: improve blood circulation, simulate lymphatic flow in the the face and upper body, and help to eliminating puffiness and fluid excess in face (including the eye area), and in the body.

Where:  Axis Hair and Beauty, 177 Glen Osmond rd, Frewville, 5063, on the right side from Foodland.


Monday 10:30 am Forehead area (smooth fine lines and wrinkles)

Monday 11:30 am Eye Area (get rid off crows feet & improve eyesight)

Monday 12:30 pm Cheek Area (uplift your cheeks)

Monday 5:30 pm Mouth and Lip area (correct your smile, lift corners of the mouth and make your lips fuller)

Monday 6:30 pm Neck and Jawline Area (tone your neck and define the jawline)

Wednesday 5:30 pm Full Face Toning session

Wednesday 6:30 pm Self Face Massage workshop


PASS of 6 classes ONLY $99 (you spend more on skincare and beauty procedures that don't work the way you like).


With every class you'll be well on the way in achieving your Aesthetic goals and Improving facial contouring. 

Duration of class: 45 min

Starts Wednesday 19th of May 2021

Email Elena at  faceyoga@alphashapestudio.com, Ph 0424855775, DM on FB or via Website.

You'll learn about Sleeping facial muscles (ones we don't use often) and Overworked - muscles or Depressor that we need to relax on daily basis (with our hands/fingers).

By the end of the month you will be able to target your problem area and help yourself with your own hands. We will be planning  workout based on your demand and questions (problem areas).

You'll learn 

how to:

- Control your facial expressions 

- Be aware of your own facial muscles 

- Know  how to balance your face muscles 

- Keep muscles relaxed during the night

- What is Face and Tongue Posture 

- Build more sculpted face line

- Maintain your Youthful Appearance

- Develop Perfect Face and Body Posture

Every Class contain 2 parts: 

- 15 min Perfect Posture exercises, as it is a foundation of long lasting Lifting, Toning and Firming result in your face. 

- 30 min Facial Activities - Face Yoga Poses, Facial Massage, Facial Fitness and more. Each class is different, but may be repeated, depending on the students. 

Examples of the themes:

1. Toning Face Yoga

2. Lymphatic massage Zogan

3. Self Face massage technique

4. Facial Fitness Exercises

5. Rejuvenating Gymnastics (combination of different methods)

6. Neck and Decolletage massage

7. Neck, Head and Shoulders workout

8. Unwind ageing process - Health gymnastic Tsigun - increase energy in your body

9. Body Flex - exercises based on breathing technique

10. Cupping Massage Buttocks and Thighs

11. Beautiful Bust - Uplift your breast exercises

12. Get rid off flabby arms with cupping massage and toning exercises + Get rid of Upper back hump

13. Tummy and love handles - cupping massage

14. Face workout with Gua Sha 

Perfect your face without leaving the home. 

Body Silicone cups available in studio.