COMPLETE Neck Training or how to get rid of double chin.

What are the benefits of double chin exercises?

  • 1. Strong neck muscles: The double chin exercises will definitely tone the muscles around the neck and give your face a more defined look. 2. If facial exercises are performed on a regular basis then it would cut down your expenses in future and maintain younger look or reverse signs of ageing. It's never too late, and never too early to start exercising your face and neck.

  • How can I lose weight under my chin? Exercise and a healthy diet should be the first steps when trying to lose weight in all areas of the body, including beneath the chin.


With the front side of your hand slide under the chin with light to medium pressure (so that you can feel it and get through the fat layer). Repeat 4-6 times during the day. Happy doing!

Here is how to properly drain the neck with facial Gua Sha. Starting at the jawline, gliding down towards the collarbone, using light pressure and keeping the stone at 15 degree angle. Use any facial oil for gliding.

Define neck and jawline with this simple but effective exercise called The Brush. Repeat 5 times with each hand in both direction along the neck and then the jawline. Apply light to medium pressure. Practice 3 times per day.

To prevent sagging neck lift your head up 5 - 7 cm while lying horizontally in bed or on the floor. Perform 40 times. During the exercise make gentle smile on your face and stick the tongue out slightly. Repeat on each side for the count of 20. Do it every evening when go to bed. This exercise will help you to keep corners of the mouth up and prevent face from tired look.